Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Interview with Josue Borgues



Josue’s words came to us across the ether via satellite.

Could you briefly describe your work?
I model in wax, interpretations of the human body and I combine them with prosthesis as false teeth, glass eyes, etc. and also with industrially made objects as pipes, springs, and so on. The results are quite humoristic hybridized creatures.

How is sculpture different to painting? Was your move toward sculpture anything to do with enhancing the viewer’s encounter?
In my case sculpture expresses more eloquently ideas related to the human body, we are mater and as such we are three-dimensional, I find easier to talk about the body if I create one, if I touch and model with my hands.

Have you ever exhibited in a space like this before? Can you say how it might affect your work?
Not like this one really, I don't know how my pieces will read in the Garage Space, but I am looking forward seeing how this rather urban and alternative can change things.

Do you involve a computer in your work and if so how is it used?
Well, I often google anatomical images that helps me remember some details of the body I had forgotten. I also use my computer to listen to music while working.

We asked him what his screen smelt like and are still waiting a reply.

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