Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Idea behind the Exhibition


The idea behind this exhibition is to see art in reality. In this post digital era, everything can be seen on-line, it is all available to everyone all the time. We can see everything ranging from the large institutions of The National Gallery to individual artists setting up their own web-page. This of course can be seen as a wonderful thing, however the real experience of seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling art is a different experience. To stand where the artist has stood and see the marks they have made, to get up close is to experience a connection that is not possible through a screen.

Most artists’ dream of huge gallery spaces, polished concrete floors and white walls, we have not attempted to go for this option. Instead we are exhibiting our work in an untraditional gallery. There are no white walls here. It is a very raw space of concrete, steel and breeze block.

For us to be able to exhibit our work here means it has to speak for itself and hold its own ground. It hasn’t been tweeked for a computer screen, there is no digital enhancement, manipulation or special lighting. You will be able to walk around the sculptures and put your nose close to the paintings.

As artists we want our work to be seen in the flesh, warts and all. We will not be putting up images of the exhibition before the opening. You are invited to come and experience the work in the raw.

After all, ‘What does your screen smell like?’

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